• Our remote services solution, SE Cloudlink, allows the proactive and remote management of systems by highlighting faults, performance, trends, historical data and any service requirements.
  • We provide CAD drawings in DWG format for our products including bespoke items. We work with system companies to provide installation details for combinations of our products with their systems.
  • BIM Objects are digital representations of products that can show size, geometry and performance. We take a first to market approach regarding BIM objects which are available for all core products.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling is a method of predicting the flow of gases using numerical analysis and data structures. This can be provided as part of our project management service.
  • Free Area Calculations measure the physical size of an opening through which air or smoke can flow. There are 3 methods to measure free area which are applied relative to the application.
  • Some projects require bespoke solutions where standard products can’t achieve the required solution. We can provide bespoke fittings for actuators to meet the building design requirements.
  • Wind/Snow Load calculations determine the necessary performance of an opening vent to ensure it achieves its opening distance and speed even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Working alongside our Sales Team, our Application Engineering Team evaluate each project and deliver engineered solutions to bespoke and unexpected complications on-site.
  • We will work with consultants to develop a ventilation strategy including design, installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure not only the performance but also the compliance of a building.