Parkview Green

Façade automation to achieve a hybrid environmental ventilation solution to create a controllable microclimate to optimise energy consumption/thermal comfort.



Parkview Green

Parkview Green

Parkview Green in Beijing is one of China’s largest sustainable architecture projects comprising of four buildings covered by an additional building envelope. The multi-use building which includes a hotel, retail space and a commercial hub was designed to be energy efficient.

More than 4,000 automated vents, powered by SE Controls, are installed throughout the four buildings. Each automated vent is controlled by OS2 controllers, which interface with the BMS system to deliver optimal thermal comfort and energy saving during different seasons.

The building’s public areas are naturally ventilated during most parts of the year whilst the occupied office space windows are controlled by manual switches, allowing occupants to open and close the vents and enable natural ventilation to take place within the ‘microclimate’. While the vents are opening, the chilled ceiling air-conditioning system is switched off to avoid condensation and energy wastage.

Inside the atrium, which is an extension of the retail area, the space is ventilated naturally during spring and autumn seasons. The build-up of heat inside the envelope due to solar gain, lighting and occupant activity is extracted out of the building naturally by thermal stacking or ‘the chimney effect’, which is replaced by cooler air entering the building at a lower level.

During hot summer days the vents are fully opened and mechanical cooling can be implemented at the low level of the atrium in order to remove excess heat. However, during the winter months when temperatures fall, all operable vents are closed to trap heat inside the building. Should the inside temperature fall beneath the set point temperature, additional heating will be activated to improve thermal comfort for the buildings occupants and visitors.

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