Health, Safety and Environment

Environment / Health and Safety

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement 

Waste Management

  • Zero to landfill target set
  • We recycle: cardboard, plastic, metal, WEEE, batteries, wood and paper
  • We encourage reuse, by saving any boxes from deliveries we receive and reuse them when sending shipments out
  • Separate bins for different types of waste material in the offices



SE Controls understands its potential impacts on the environment and as part of an ongoing program has invested heavily in practical projects that serve to mitigate these impacts.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Installation

In 2018 SE Controls installed two Solar PV systems on the roofs of the two buildings in Fradley. These two installations enable us to offset a large proportion of the energy we use and thereby avoid significant levels of CO2 emissions, and to supply power back to the distribution grid.

Power Generation

Each year we generate approx. 83 mWh powerestimated to produce enough energy to;
  • Power an average home for 8.3 years
  • Drive a typical EV for 298,000 miles (nearly 12 times around the world)
  • Smelt 5.17 tonnes of Aluminium (approx. 11200 actuator housings)
Each year we contribute ~8.25 mWh of power back to the grid which offsets our energy costs even further

Avoidance of CO2

Each year we avoid 57 tonnes CO2 per year which is equivalent to that avoided by
  • Driving 142500 miles in a typical family car
  • 57 Flights of a passenger jet between Paris and NY