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Smoke Detector

The smoke detector head and base is a certified, optical detector for use as a smoke detection system within common escape areas within a high-rise residential applications.

It is used in conjunction with the OSLoop and SHEVTEC OS2 controls systems to provide a stand-alone, compliant smoke detection and ventilation system and gives a failsafe signal to the controls system if the head is removed or activated.


Repeater Panel

The Repeater Panel has been designed to provide system status information for each vent within a smoke ventilation system. The repeater panel would typically be located near the fire service access entrance of the building to provide system indication. Whilst this product is not required under Approved Document B, SE Controls can include this product within the specification to provide system status information in the event of a fire or for system maintenance.

Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is required for mechanical smoke extraction systems within high-rise residential applications to ensure the pressure across the escape stair door from the corridor remains below 200N.

In conjunction with the variable speed fan control panel, the fan speed is modulated to control the pressure. The door resistance can increase above 200N in ‘fire-fighting’ or ‘boost’ modes when it is safe to do so.

It is also used to monitor the pressure within the escape stairs if the staircase is utilised as a mechanical  pressurisation system.

Fireman's Boost Switch

The Fireman’s boost switch is utilised as part of a mechanical smoke extraction system to provide increased extraction rates as required by the fire-fighting personnel. It has a secure key activation to prevent operation by unauthorised personnel.


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