Mechanical Fan Sets

Product Descriptions

SE Controls’ SHEVTEC range of fans are designed to extract hot gases from corridors and lobbies via smoke shafts. All fan sets are tested to European Standard EN12101-3 and installed as part of a fire engineered solution. There are advantages in using mechanical smoke shafts over code compliant natural ventilation shafts, namely: the shaft sizes are generally smaller than ADB compliant shafts (typically 0.6m2 vs 1.5m2). Furthermore the fan sets allow greater efficiency in achieving necessary pressure differences thereby allowing increased escape travel distances and reducing the reliance of multiple stair cores.


Horizontal Fan Set


Booth Fan

Booth Fan Assembly – off site fabricated, smoke extract fan set comprising a set of 3 phase duty & standby smoke extract fans with motorised louvred vent for vertical discharge. Fans are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN12101:3. The booth fan is a bespoke design fabricated fit directly to a builder’s work kerb. The booth includes access panels for maintenance access to the fans, and the facility to mount the MCC directly onto the booth.

Cassette Fan Assembly

Shaft mounted smoke extract fan arrangement with telescopic sliders for quick access for maintenance and replacement. Comprising a set of 3 phase duty & standby extract fan including flanges, fan motor guard, inlet cone, mounting plates, flex connector, anti-vibration mounting on telescopic sliders. Applications include booster shunt fan for tall buildings, and internal installation of fan sets where planning restriction prevent roof mounting (subject to space availability). 

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