Smoke Shaft AOVs

Product Descriptions

AOV’s utilised to exhaust smoke into smoke shafts must comply to EN12101-8 : 2011. Smoke is exhausted from the common escape corridor or fire fighting lobby into the smoke shaft on the affected floor only and exhausted to atmosphere at the top of the shaft either naturally via an EN12101-2 SHEV or mechanically by a fan (see product options). They take the form of both vertically hinged vents or damper type solutions and serve both natural and mechanical smoke extract systems.



In the event of a fire the SHEVTEC Smoke Control Damper powers open its blades on the corresponding floor of the fire in conjunction with the top of shaft roof vent to allow the flow of smoke to be ventilated into the smoke shaft and out of the building. All dampers on the remaining floors will remain closed to reduce smoke leakage and the risk of the fire spreading to additional floors.