Head of Smoke Shaft AOVs

Product Descriptions

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Horizontal Alumimium Louvre

Compliant to EN12101-2 : 2003, the aluminium louvre is utilised to provide 1.0 sq/m of geometric free area at the head of a smoke shaft. Blades can be single or insulated double skin aluminium or polycarbonate.

140° Opening Rooflight 

Compliant to EN12101-2 : 2003, the 140 degree opening rooflight is utilised to provide 0.7 sq/m of aerodynamic smoke exhaust ventilation at the head of an escape stair. The curb is available uninsulated or insulated as low as 1.0 W/m2k U value. The rooflight is available with an aluminium infill (insulated or non-insulated) or polycarbonate glazed infill.