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Product Descriptions

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Manual Control Point (MCP) 

The MCP is a fully compliant EN12101-9 control point that integrates with OSLoop, OS2 Shevtec Controller and SHEVTEC PSU controls systems for fire-fighting smoke shafts and lobby AOV’s, escape and fire-fighting stairs, and atria smoke ventilation applications. It provides both open and close/reset activation of smoke ventilators in addition to system activation and specific fault indication via a series of blink codes. The MCP is available in both surface mounted and recessed applications.

Smoke Detector

The smoke detector head and base is a certified, optical detector for use as a smoke detection system within fire-fighting lobby and stair applications.
It is used in conjunction with the OSLoop and SHEVTEC OS2 controls systems to provide a stand-alone, compliant smoke detection and ventilation system and gives a failsafe signal to the controls system if the head is removed or activated.

Repeater Panel

The modular SHEVTEC Repeater Panel has been designed to provide system status information for each smoke vent within a fire-fighting lobby. It would typically be located near the fire service access entrance of the building to provide system indication.


Rain Sensor

The rain sensor is utilised to close AOV’s that are opened for environmental ventilation as part of a combined smoke extraction and environmental control system. The system will open and override environmental status if a fire signal is received.


PIR Sensor

PIR sensors are utilised if a smoke ventilator automatically or remotely closes and there is an entrapment risk. This risk is often negated via the use of a local MCP for system reset or physical barriers and cover grilles.

Wind Speed Sensor

The wind speed sensor is utilised within a combined smoke and environmental controls system that automates AOV’s for smoke ventilation and control of indoor air quality. They are commonly required where the AOV’s are inclined within atria applications with greater exposure to wind load. Wind sensors are also utilised to close smoke ventilation AOV’s (SHEV’s) in atria applications when they are open on the windward side, allowing the SHEV’s on the leeward side to exhaust the smoke.


Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is required for mechanical smoke extraction systems within fire-fighting lobby smoke shaft applications to prevent an overpressure across the escape door to the escape stair.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is installed as part of a non-residential smoke ventilation system when the system is also utilised for environmental temperature control. Fire mode will always override environmental mode then return to environmental status once reset.



The HMI is a front-end interface that is part of an OSLoop, SHEVTEC OS2 or SHEVTEC PSU smoke ventilation controls system. It provides the user with real-time status of the system including activations and fault locations.