SE Evello

What is Corridor Overheating?

It is widely accepted that corridor overheating is a common issue within certain types of buildings including high-rise residential dwellings. Winter energy efficiency measures, heat losses from communal heating networks and increased urbanisation have all contributed to the gradual internal temperature rise within corridors and other communal spaces. As these spaces often have little or no ventilation provision the heat accumulates, creating an uncomfortable environment for residents.

Compatible with Natural & Mechanical Systems.

SE Evello can be used with both natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems. The latter uses a dedicated additional day-to-day extract fan, which is intelligently controlled to ensure that it is only used when required, with the preference to allow the thermal stack effect to move air. By employing the latest fan design technology, including sickle bladed aerofoils and serrated trailing edges, efficiency is maximised and noise is reduced.

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