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Compliance is at the core of SE Controls. Through all of our routes to market, whether it is advice, a supplied product, an installed system or a maintained building, we stand for and promote compliance. EN12101-2 dictates that to achieve compliance, a vent and an actuator must be tested together, as a system, to all specifications within the annexes of the standard. Merely fitting an actuator to a vent or window, unless they have been tested together, does not provide a compliant solution and compromises the effectiveness of the life safety system. Products from most leading façade system providers are now tested with SE Controls actuators to this standard, utilising the company’s extensive range of uniquely UK manufactured products. SE Controls can offer 4 routes to market to ensure compliance:

1. SE Controls supply and install the product
2. SE Controls supplies the product to a Partner who carries out the installation
3. SE Controls supply the product for 3rd party approved installation
4. Full smoke vent supplied by an independent fabricator


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