What is SDI 19?

SDI 19 is the new certification scheme developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) in partnership with IFC Certification.

Why was SDI 19 Created?

The certification was created to help raise standards across the industry, and to ensure a suitable level of competency is a maintained in all aspects of smoke control systems. SDI 19 also covers a contractor's ability to provide necessary levels of service and maintenance following installation and commissioning to keep in line with the type and size of the building in question.

Contractors certified under the scheme will be suitable experienced in fire strategy, system design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems in accordance with the below industry guidance documents and standards:

Approved Document B, Approved Document B NI, Technical Handbook, BS9999, BS9991, BS7346 Parts 4,5,7 & 8, BS8519, BS8524, EN12101:6, Technical Reports 12101-4&5, SCA Guidance Documents.

It is now mandatory for any SCA member involved in the installation of smoke control systems to achieve SDI 19 accreditation as a condition of membership.

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SE Controls become the first SCA IFC SDI 19 Certified Company.

Further Information.

Further information on SDI 19 is available by emailing, or via the SCA Website.