A 'remote service' solution allows the proactive management of site-based systems; utilising the latest technology, engineers are able to communicate with our systems without the need to be on site.​

Recognising the need to raise the standards when it comes to maintenance, SE Controls has launched SECloudlink™, an innovative ‘remote service’ solution, which provides detailed, around-the-clock system status interrogation. This comprehensive system enables the SE Controls’ maintenance team to provide planned and corrective maintenance when needed, driven by regulatory demands or by notifications direct from the smoke control system.

Using integrated 4G communications technology, it enables the system to be constantly monitored, as well as allowing any adjustments and tuning to ensure it matches the needs of the building and occupants, whether it is for smoke control only, environmental ventilation or a hybrid of both systems.

This approach not only provides an effective solution for buildings where ongoing maintenance might be an issue, but is also applicable to all buildings where smoke control systems are installed and demand regular maintenance to the standards demanded by BS9991, BS9999 and BS7346 Part 8, together with Building Regulations ADB; European EN12101, and others.

The key benefits of SECloudlink™ remote services include:

• Proactive management of life safety systems to ensure building compliance 
• Improved efficiency and budget control, minimising disruption and reducing costs associated with expensive site visits 
• System performance, including historical data, for individual sites or a portfolio of buildings 
• Highlight faults and service requirements with fast problem resolution 
• On-going support with advice and assistance when needed 
• Management reporting

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