Environmental Control

Environmental control is the use of environmental or natural ventilation (external air movement) through a building to create a healthier indoor environment.

Environmental ventilation improves indoor air quality, reduces CO2 emissions and is cost efficient. Adaptive natural ventilation systems are less costly than traditional HVAC systems, as they are cheaper to install, run and maintain. Adaptive natural ventilation is leading the way for a sustainable future.

SE Controls are passionate about delivering energy efficient buildings with productive, healthy indoor environments; occupant productivity is significantly improved when thermal comfort and indoor air quality are optimised.

It is beneficial to use the windows (which are already installed in the fabric of the building) to provide additional fresh air to supplement an existing heating and cooling strategy.

It is very advantageous to design window automation at concept stage either as a fully blown natural ventilation system or as a hybrid mixed mode solution. Either way using automated windows brings huge cost savings for the running costs of a building and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

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