Video 1

What System Companies have SE Controls tested to EN12101-2:2003?

Video 2

Do you make windows?

Video 3

How do I achieve EN12101-2 compliance?

Video 4

What free area does my AOV achieve? How do I calculate the free area for my application?

Video 5

Why do your competitors offer an audit for free, or no audit at all ? Can I get a DoP from them?

Video 6

We have been told that if we have been audited to EN14351 then we are fine because we just make the window, they only become AOV’s when an actuator is put on them.

Video 7

How do we make an AOV bigger than the system parameters set by the system house?

Video 8

Does ISO 9001 cover my FPC audit requirements? Do I need ISO9001 in order to undertake the audit to enable me to make compliant smoke vents?

Video 9

Why is the certification of smoke vents suddenly such a big issue now?

Video 10

Can I use an actuator that is tested on any vent that is also tested? How do I know which profiles I can use for a compliant solution?

Video 11

What regulation changes are coming post Grenfell and the independent review that ensued?

Video 12

Can uPVC Windows be Smoke Vents, or do they have to be Aluminium?

Video 13

Can the non-audited commercial fabricator install the smoke vents purchased from a trade fabricator onsite?

Video 14

Your competitors say your tests are out of date, please explain.