Are you fully compliant to fire safety legislation BS7346-8?

Tenant safety, fire protection and the diverse range of relevant legislation have long been a key focus for facilities managers and landlords, but in recent months, these elements have taken on a new significance.

Ensure compliance to BS7346-8

Ensure compliance to BS7346-8

Compliance has always been essential, but changes over time, together with regulation updates and the introduction of the BS7346 Part 8 Code of Practice have prompted new questions, nationwide, about whether existing life safety smoke ventilation systems are compliant.

The maintenance of smoke ventilation systems is mandated by British Standard BS7346-8, which states minimum compliance of two service visits per annum are required by suitably trained engineers, who have access to the original design cause and effect, have all of the equipment necessary to interrogate the systems, and have direct access to replacement equipment should this be required.

Obviously, you can’t afford to take the risk of non-compliance, but the task of assessing the current status of existing systems can be a time consuming process and the outcomes can be inconclusive if not conducted by a professional organisation, such as SE Controls.

Our smoke control systems are used worldwide and our reputation for compliance, design integrity and performance are well known. We also undertake detailed compliance audits on smoke control solutions and provide reports on any remedial action required together with ongoing planned maintenance solutions delivered by our own qualified engineering team.

Under BS7346-8, there are also key requirements for specific documented records and cause & effect analysis of every aspect of the system, which some landlords inadvertently overlook, which has an impact on compliance and presents the risk of prosecution and fines.

You are accountable for checking that your contractor can evidence compliance to ensure that your tenants are safe and not at risk should a fire occur. If you are not compliant you could face criminal prosecution.

It is your personal responsibility to check that your contractor can show evidence of compliance. 

Not all contractors have the ability to maintain the wide range of available manufacturers’ smoke ventilation systems due to system software protocols and restrictions on procurement.

SE Controls offers a range of solutions to provide peace of mind, for example, our Remote Service solution SECloudlinkTM can ensure around the clock compliance and tenant safety whilst keeping costs down, by reducing the need for engineers to attend site.

SE Controls can help you be more robust and fully compliant with all the relevant legislation.

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