Corporate Governance

SE Controls has established Four Strategic Pillars that are central to our Business Planning and Business Management ethos, within these we are driven to ensure activities undertaken align with the companywide ESG aspirations.
SE Controls four pillar strategy of growing sales revenue, optimise commercial execution, deliver new products to the market and be an employer of choice.

  • Conducting business ethically, with integrity and with the utmost professionalism
  • Adopting a robust attitude to Risk Management
  • Transparent management and governance
  • Maintaining independence, confidentiality, and privacy 
  • Respecting and protecting the interests of all our stakeholders
  • Clear and open communication with all stakeholders
  • Maintained compliance with regulations and standards
  • Protecting the business through Business Continuity Planning and robust Cybersecurity arrangements
  • Maintaining the highest possible standards in the management of health, safety, and environmental aspects
  • Continued improvement in performance in all ESG matters