Natural ventilation improves indoor environments, reduces CO2 emissions and is cost efficient. Adaptive natural ventilation systems are less costly than traditional HVAC systems, being cheaper to install, run and maintain. With buildings currently consuming almost half of all commercial energy usage, producing 50% of global carbon emissions, adaptive natural ventilation is leading the way for a sustainable future.

SE Controls are passionate about delivering energy efficient buildings with productive, healthy indoor environments; occupant productivity is significantly improved when thermal comfort and indoor air quality are optimised. SE Controls’ turnkey solution incorporates design, supply, installation and commissioning through to maintenance.

Building layouts

Health sector buildings rarely require large circulation spaces; instead, smaller areas with steady low volume traffic streams are needed, feeding many smaller consulting rooms or wards. Such buildings are often described as ‘mazes’ by those who visit them.

Such buildings are usually deep plan and require central courtyards to provide additional natural light and ventilation; corridors often surround inner courtyards sometimes with glazed internal screens leading towards or offices. Large atria are less often used except as entrance spaces on larger hospitals.


Adaptive natural ventilation systems can be standalone, or can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS). Both approaches ensure that natural ventilation strategies remain flexible and can be adjusted to the particular needs of the patients and staff.

Automated windows can be programmed to open proportionally in separate zones, when CO2 or temperature levels reach agreed set points. Local override switches give manual operation, allowing medical staff to make adjustments. With these and other inputs, a healthy environment is assured.

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Further Information

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