Priestman Point, Regeneration Project

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Priestman Point in Bow, a 25 storey tower block and award winning Affordable Housing project, is part of a significant regeneration project in the East End of London.

The Priestman block originally constructed in the early 1970’s has been regenerated into its former glory by providing a secure, sustainable, high quality environment for residents. The affordable homes regeneration project will create 400 new homes, as well as creating 300 refurbished homed within the tower.

SE Controls worked closely with the main contractor and architect to design, install and commission the smoke ventilation system for the tower block.

The scheme included providing automatic opening vents in communal areas of the building to ensure that if a fire did break out the common exit routes would be clear of smoke and entry points clear for the fire services to enter the effected floor.

The system was designed to operate on a floor by floor basis. If there was a fire on the second floor only the automatic opening vents within the smoke shaft and on the external facade in the lobby would open, with all unaffected floors remaining closed. Smoke detectors on each of the 23 floor levels were all connected to the networked OS2 control panel. When activated the OS2 control panel communicates power to the corresponding automatic opening vent on the fire floor.

Manual Control Points (MCP) were specified to be situated within each corridor and at the top and bottom of the stairs to allow the fire service manual override of the system. The MCPs are coloured orange in accordance with the forthcoming EN12101-9.

A repeater panel was provided and all automatic opening vents link into, to provide a zone by zone indication of each vent with the smoke ventilation system. Whilst this product is not required under Approved Document B, SE Controls provided this product within the specification to indicate system status information in the event of a fire and for smoke ventilation maintenance purposes.

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Smoke Ventilation, in residential buildings

Project Details

Client: Swan Housing Association

Architect: PRP Architects

Location: London

Specification: Smoke Ventilation System



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