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The DAFF building (Department for Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry) is a new build, under construction in St Johns, Douglas on the Isle of Man. The building will be home to the six divisions of the department and 70 members of staff. It has been designed by APA to be as environmentally sound and energy efficient as economically possible, maximizing the use of natural light and ventilation and wood chip heating. The wood chip is being provided from a sustainable source. The need for an energy plant and equipment on site is minimal. A Sedum Roof has been fitted, which is designed to make the building carbon neutral and filter out CO2 and pollutants.

Audlyn Construction Ltd is in charge of building and has contracted SE Controls to provide their proficiency in Natural Ventilation and to provide actuators and controls solutions for the offices and working areas. Each office has either 1 or 2 side hung windows and a fanlight above the doors, fitted with TGCO 24 40 Easy Drive motors connected to the BMS (Building Management System) via OS2 controllers to provide Natural Ventilation throughout the building using Trickle Ventilation. The need for these type of motors is that the side hung vents in the offices have been fitted 2.5m below floor level and will potentially cause a finger trap hazard as stated by BS EN 60335-2. These motors are programmed to stop and open if they detect any resistance in its closing operation thus not crushing any appendage inadvertently placed in the window.
There are rooflights fitted to provide smoke ventilation in unison with the natural ventilation and are controlled via 90 and 60 amp OS2 Panels which will be connected to the buildings fire alarm and can be reset to close via a nearby Manual Call Point.

The actuators provided were perfect for the energy efficiency of the building as each actuator only draws 0.5amp of power each upon activation. Each activation will last no longer than 60 seconds (fully closed to fully open) and there is no ‘stand-by’ power draw.

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Project Details


Client: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests (DAFF)

Architect: APA

Location: Isle of Man

Specification: Natural ventilation system


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