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Depending on the structure and building envelope, SE Controls can provide either a code compliant solution or a fire engineered solution, to facilitate safe occupant escape or good visibility for the fire service to enter the effected floor. With an extensive range of products to meet any smoke ventilation solution, SE Controls provide certified and compliant products to create a life saving system.

Fire Fighting Core Fire fighting cores are used in tall buildings, buildings with deep basements, and buildings with large floor areas, to provide safe access for the fire service to enter the affected floor and act accordingly. Depending on the positioning of the stair or lobby, a smoke ventilation system would need to be provided to ensure a smoke free area.

Lobby Ventilation
If the lobby or stair of the fire fighting core is not located on an external wall, the designer can utilize either a BRE smoke shaft complying with BRE79204:2002 or an approved mechanical smoke ventilation system.
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    BRE Smoke Shaft

    BS9999 recommends that a BRE 79204:2002 natural smoke shaft can be provided where the fire fighting core is not located on the external wall.

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    Head of Fire Fighting Stair

    An automatic opening vent (or manually via a Manual Control Point activated from Fire Service Access level) with 1m² free area is required to the head of the stair is typical.

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    Mechanical Smoke Shaft

    Where a BRE Smoke Shaft is not achievable (typically due to the lack of floor space needed to achieve the 3m2 shaft) an approved mechanical smoke ventilation system is a good alternative.

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Other Products
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    Atria smoke ventilation is generally designed to establish a stable smoke layer within the atria by creating a smoke reservoir. This enables a clear air layer underneath, with reduced temperatures to aid in the escape of occupants.

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Loughborough University MSc Student, Wei Lei, Awarded SE Controls Prize

Loughborough University student, Wei Lei, was awarded the 2017 ‘SE Controls Prize’ by the company’s Group MD

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SE Controls products are now listed within NBS Plus, part of the NBS industry standard specification software.

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