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Adaptive natural ventilation is most effectively implemented through strategic design and integration of openings within the building envelope; implementing natural ventilation can steer building design at concept stage or can be retro-fitted to an existing building, even on existing windows. The fundamental principles of wind driven and stack ventilation, using the strategies of cross and single sided ventilation, are implemented into Atria, external facades and internal screens, with a combination of product components.

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    Atria are used as entrance spaces in larger hospitals. They provide natural ventilation and daylight and thus save energy.

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    External Facade

    External facades are used in a natural ventilation strategy to provide openings for either single sided or cross ventilation.

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    Internal Glazed Screen

    Within health sector buildings, internal glazed screens are primarily introduced to provide additional light into deep plan spaces.

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A combined system for the Department of Environmental Affairs HQ in Pretoria

SE Controls, Natural Ventilation specialists complete project in South Africa.

SE Controls provides safe environment at Holy Rosary School’s new entertainment hall

SE Controls, specialists in smoke and natural ventilation, provide a smoke ventilation solution in South Africa.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus logo SE Controls listed within NBS Plus

SE Controls products are now listed within NBS Plus, part of the NBS industry standard specification software.

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SE Controls Core Competencies

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