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Smoke control and ventilation – a clear winner for life safety

Smoke accounts for almost 80% of all fire related deaths in the UK – save lives with smoke control systems.

Latest Case Study: The Landmark, Dudley

Residents at The Landmark Apartments in Dudley Stay Safe with SE Controls

Laptop showing smoke ventilation in action SE Controls have developed SHEVTEC® to offer a complete solution which complies with building regulations and fire engineered solutions.
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Laptop showing natural ventilation in action SE Controls Natural Ventilation Solution division (NVS) provides total, adaptive and tailored natural ventilation strategies for all types of new and refurbished building structures.
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‘There’s no smoke without fire’

02 March 2010

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The number one cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation with an estimated 60%-80% of fire deaths the result of smoke inhalation injuries rather than burns.¹

With legislation now enforcing responsibility for safe premises on to owners, managers and employers, a proactive mentality when checking and installing fire safety precautions should come naturally. ..

It is the same as any other day at the office when the fire alarm rings, ‘just another drill’ you decide as you slump from your chair and proceed towards the door.

But this isn’t a drill and the faint scent of smoke fills the corridor as the power fails. ‘Keep calm’ you think making your way towards the exit signs as your breathing hastens – ‘not far to go - you’ve practiced this a hundred times before during drills’. But nothing could prepare you as the smoke thickens and the exit fades, smoke stinging your eyes, you lower to the floor squinting to find your way. The building you always considered yourself to be spending too much time in has become a maze and fumbling for the door you struggle to catch your breath in the choking smoke.

Until we have experienced the realities of a fire and the consequences of smoke, it is almost impossible to comprehend just how quickly emergency situations can worsen.

Smoke claims the most deaths in fire related incidents, often trapping occupants by reduced vision as they are overcome by the fumes. It is also a key player in damage following a fire, smoke damage can spread throughout a building even when the fire remains in one area.

The Fire & Rescue Services attend more than 30,000 fires in workplaces each year. Lives are lost, thousands are injured and the economic costs mean many businesses never re-open.²

Fire continues to impose significant costs on the already struggling economy of England and Wales. From February 07 to January 08 the total estimated loss of fires for which reports were received was £132,344,661 - comparing these figures to the cost of preparation demonstrates a new perspective in cost effectiveness.³

Providing ventilation protection in all premises is paramount; protecting staff and company assets, students and education, the elderly or disabled – fires can strike anywhere. Reports from Feb 07 – Jan 08 fires included an estimated loss of £13,442,000 in education premises, £2,726,805 in hotels and £33,809,500 in factories³.

Selecting the right product is key to ensuring an effective solution; SE Controls offers a complete solution from design through installation, commissioning and on-going service. Systems comply with existing product and performance standards ((Approved Document B) ADB, BS5588, BS9999, BS7346 part 1, BSEN 12101-2 and are designed to conform to the forthcoming European Standards EN12101-9 series for the control systems of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV’s).

Already meeting and exceeding the service and expertise requirements of its clients, this need for a synergistic system has led SE Controls, leading specialist provider of smoke ventilation systems, to evolve and pioneer a philosophy and range of products that it called SHEVTEC®.

For the design, extensive involvement in government sponsored working groups has provided SE Controls with a unique insight into the methodology behind ADB and SE Controls are able to share this knowledge with their clients. Furthermore, any products proposed will be guaranteed to perform to the design requirements set out in relevant Building Regulations, Approved Document B, or where the building envelope doesn’t equate to an ABD solution, fire engineered designs can be implemented to provide an efficient and effective life saving strategy.

For the construction and installation, whether the project installation is a new project or an existing smoke control strategy, SE Controls experienced and fully trained team of engineers are on hand to work in accordance with the building schedule to deliver the project on time and to budget.

SHEVTEC® products have been developed over the course of 27 years of experience of working with clients through every step of the construction process, delivering designed, installed and maintained smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV’s).

The products themselves have arisen from a need for versatile, efficient and, most importantly, compliant solutions to the myriad of buildings the company has installed their products into.

SHEVTEC® offers a wide range of leading edge smoke heat exhaust ventilation systems designed and tailored to facilitate the client’s requirements and ventilation strategies to meet the structure of the building.

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Smoke control and ventilation – a clear winner for life safety

Smoke accounts for almost 80% of all fire related deaths in the UK – save lives with smoke control systems.

Latest Case Study: The Landmark, Dudley

Residents at The Landmark Apartments in Dudley Stay Safe with SE Controls

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