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SE Controls New Tamperproof Manual Control Point (MCP)

16 September 2011

News article image for SE Controls New Tamperproof Manual Control Point (MCP)
There is growing evidence that misuse of smoke ventilation systems in residential buildings can lead to incorrect operation with potentially fatal consequences. Recent examples have pinpointed occupants use of manual override switches (typically yellow “breakglass” style switches) to open vents to provide fresh air to common spaces or even access essential smoke shafts to store bikes and leave rubbish. Nuisance operation, especially in student accommodation is becoming a real concern for facility managers, building owners, occupiers and fire brigades. System designers are looking for ways to combat these problems and SE Controls, a leading company with 30 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of smoke ventilation systems, have a unique solution – their new TAMPER PROOF MANUAL CONTROL POINT to be launched at M&E exhibition at Olympia on 11th & 12th October 2011.

Inappropriate operation of the manual control points (MCP) can not only cause activation of a system, if a fire does occur once an MCP has been operated, initiation of vents on fire floors can be locked out and fail to operate as a direct result. Most residential smoke ventilation systems are designed to be fully automatic, opening specific automatic opening vents (AOVs) when smoke is detected and generally only on the floor of fire origin. Manual Control Points are frequently the highest priority in a smoke ventilation system (commonly referred to as “Fireman’s Override Switches”) and as such are designed to disable the smoke detection system. Therefore the need for a tamper resistant manual control point has never been greater.

The TAMPER PROOF MCP from SE Controls is the only product available on the market which can deliver the full functionality required of an MCP whilst complying with the imminent EN12101-9 product standard. The orange (RAL 2011) MCP displays system and vent status both audibly and visibly through three LEDs, “power, fault and activated” (all requirements of the EN standard). But SE Controls’ feature rich product has been designed to go much further than simply providing the basics. When incorporated into SE Controls’ SHEVTEC® OSLoop control system, the MCP acts as a fully intelligent zone control panel, monitoring smoke detector inputs, monitoring cable outputs and position of the smoke vents. All of this key information can be displayed on an elegant SHEVTEC® Repeater Panel, located in the designated fire fighters entrance, as well as being logged in the system to provide post event evidence of causes of alarms.

The design team at SE Controls have drawn on 30 years of experience to develop the TAMPERPROOF MCP as well as liaising with installers, the fire service and building maintenance experts. The TAMPERPROOF MCP allows for the rigours of first fix installation by coming in two parts. The base is suitable for first fix, whilst the surface mounted element, which also contains the electronics and housing, clips into position as part of the second fix or commissioning process.

The TAMPERPROOF MCP is also suitable for retro fitting into existing sites, in particular, onto SE Controls widely used OS2 control system. This means that the TAMPERPROOF MCP is a very cost effective solution for building managers who are regularly faced with nuisance activation of the smoke ventilation systems. Furthermore the TAMPERPROOF MCP allows for building managers to utilise the system for day to day ventilation of common areas in a controlled manner.
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