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Laptop showing smoke ventilation in action SE Controls have developed SHEVTEC® to offer a complete solution which complies with building regulations and fire engineered solutions.
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Laptop showing natural ventilation in action SE Controls Natural Ventilation Solution division (NVS) provides total, adaptive and tailored natural ventilation strategies for all types of new and refurbished building structures.
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Educated decisions with SE Controls

13 January 2010

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The Building Schools Exhibition and Conference (BSEC) is the only event that focuses solely on the construction, maintenance and design of schools in the UK and will take place at ExCel London from the 24-25th February 2010.

"The Government is set to invest around £100 billion from now until 2020 in the rebuilding and renewal of all schools in the UK," explains Steve Webb, Group Director of BSEC. "This surely represents one of the best opportunities for suppliers to the construction industry, particularly in the current climate. BSEC is the only event to bring together everyone at the forefront of school rebuilding initiatives."

Part L, driven by the Kyoto agreement and the climate levy change, must be considered when designing energy efficiency of buildings. Considering the fact that the servicing of buildings produces about half of all UK carbon emissions, it is clear to see why - and this is just the beginning.

The internal environments of schools are even more important. The places that will educate and nurture our next generation are, apart from the home, the most important and influential surroundings that our children will ever come in contact with, and the places where good ventilation and indoor air quality control is paramount.

The importance of clean fresh air at a comfortable temperature cannot be overstated. A proven method of reducing ‘sick building syndrome’ is by ensuring fresh, clean air is delivered into a building. This will have a positive effect on our everyday lives, helping to produce a stimulating environment for work and education.

Fresh cool air also has the benefit of eliminating the need for air conditioning, one of the largest culprits of energy use in buildings. For many years, getting fresh air into a building simply meant opening a window. However, this offers little control, and in most environments, is simply not enough and usually too late. That’s where Adaptive Natural Ventilation systems come into their own and a wave of new academy schools is embracing this technology to help create the perfect learning environment

SE Controls, leading specialist provider of Ventilation Solutions, is offering a unique opportunity to view a demonstration of natural ventilation solutions for a typical education type project at BSEC.

Natural ventilation provides an array of additional benefits to an educational premise, including aiding evacuation in a fire and improving health and productivity.

Schools are often a hub for the common cold or infections being passed from child to child; natural ventilation installed within your premises enables a healthier environment by circulating clean, fresh air proved to reduce ‘sick building syndrome’.

Global warming and the effects of greenhouse gases is being taught to our children daily; what better than demonstrating the benefits of natural ventilation in an environment that demonstrates carbon efficiency and protects the next generation.

Through an adaptive naturally ventilated building, smoke ventilation can be easily implemented. This system can then aid in the evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire, and provide clear access for fire services by creating a smoke free layer above the floor. Visibility is improved for quicker and effective egress also reducing smoke inhalation and promoting a safer environment.

Depending on the building envelope and natural ventilation strategy employed, designs can be based on a standalone system, or can be integrated into the BMS (Building Management System). This ensures that the natural ventilation strategy is completely flexible and the system can be programmed to your exact requirements; this enables a fresh healthy atmosphere, via regular air changes achieved by monitored CO² and temperature levels. Windows can be set at different levels, to automatically open in separate zones when CO² or temperature levels reach an agreed setpoint. Local override switches allow manual opening and closing, thus enabling staff and students to feel in control of their own space.

Common misconceptions of a ‘disruptive’ and ‘expensive’ system can be averted at BSEC where SE Controls staff are on hand to provide information and examples.

Natural ventilation solutions are available for all premises regardless of size and shape, offering a greener safety solution whilst reducing costs.

In today’s climate ‘greener living’ and budget restraints can be tough to juggle - achieve both through natural ventilation by cutting maintenance and energy costs and allowing air movement through buildings, eliminating the need for air conditioning and thus increasing usable floor space and reducing “sick building syndrome”.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, energy costs and promote a healthy safe environment for the next generation.

See SE Controls at stand 322, BSEC

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SE Controls Natural Ventilation Solution division (NVS) provides total, adaptive and tailored natural ventilation strategies for all types of new and refurbished building structures. We are passionate about delivering energy efficient, modern buildings that create a safer and healthier indoor environment for occupants. Our complete turnkey solutions incorporate everything from strategy, design, supply, installation and commissioning through to maintenance and monitoring. They concentrate on automatically opening and closing windows and rooflights in a controlled manner, using Automated Opening Vents (AOVs), louvres, roof terminals and hatches.
Our aim is to ensure that low energy design and built-in natural ventilation principles are incorporated into every building from the outset. By coordinating all stakeholders - architects, consultants and main contractors - we ensure that every element of the specification and installation process is harmonised throughout.

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