SE Controls launched ‘SE Tested Solutions’ as part of our on-going commitment to ensure critical life safety systems are designed, installed, certified and maintained to mandatory legislative standards.
Smoke control systems are among the most highly regulated parts of a building’s design, and façade automation using actuators on vents (Automatic Opening Vents) is a critical element of a life safety ventilation solution. However, many façade contractors are unaware of their legal and contractual responsibilities, due to the array of regulations and processes that govern and control smoke ventilation solutions.
SE Tested Solutions is a range of documents accessed on our dedicated website portal that provide guidance on products and best practice for smoke and environmental ventilation solutions. We have collaborated with leading façade system companies to independently test their popular window systems to the European smoke ventilator standard EN12101-2. Added to an audited fabrication and installation process, a CE marked solution is provided, with a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to prove compliance.

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