SE IAQ Control

Product Details

• Power Input, 24VDC (50-60HZ) ±20%
• Power Consumption <0.6W
• Peak Power Consumption <2W
• Wiring Connections Screw terminal, max 1.5mm2

• Sensor Life Expectancy > 15 years
• Display Configurable colour LCD with CO2 [ppm], Temperature [°C] and
Humidity [%RH]
• Buttons Touch Display [Disp]
• Warm-up Time ≤1min.(@ full specs 15 min)
• Operating Temperature Range 0-50 °C
• Operating Humidity Range 0-95%RH, non condensing
• Operating Environment Residential, Commercial

• Dimensions 125 x 85 x 22mm
• Dimensions display 49 x 37mm
• SE IAQ Controller is compatible with NV LogiQ PSU, for other applications
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