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Product Features

The NVLogiQ Room Controller has been designed to offer an effective, efficient and user friendly solution for adaptive natural ventilation applications that is easily integrated into a new or refurbished building. 

NVLogiQ constantly monitors indoor air quality, temperature and humidity and uses innovative algorithms to control the automatic operation of windows and vents within a classroom or office environment to improve learning, productivity and comfort whilst saving energy.

Capable of being used as a stand-alone controller or as a networked solution, NVLogiQ’s fully automated operation enables a stimulating and comfortable environment to be maintained while also providing a manual over-ride option.  Room conditions and status are constantly displayed on the integral LCD screen which is further enhanced with traffic light indication.

NVLogiQ’s integral data logging feature enables a detailed analysis against pre-defined design and performance criteria or on both new build and refurbishment projects. 

With this unique feature, NVLogiQ is also ideally suited for use as a stand-alone data logging device to monitor and record the indoor air quality of a room.  By recording indoor room temperature, humidity and CO2 levels at regular intervals the NVLogiQ room controller/data logger will provide invaluable data to ascertain if optimum indoor air quality is being provided. Real time data relative to current indoor air temperature and CO2 levels is displayed on the integral screen.


  • Data logging for system design for existing buildings and post installation monitoring
  • Red, amber and green indication of CO2 to educate and inform occupants
  • Inbuilt pre-programmed strategy (strategy is adjustable allowing refinements on site)
  • Occupant override function with auto lock out (adjustable time period)
  • LCD graphic display of room conditions and controller status
  • Compact design
  • Individual room system with global control options (rain, outside temperature,wind, master open & close)
  • Local heating valve control
  • 0 - 10V signals to ventilation products in conjunction with ventilation products (actuators, louvres, dampers, roof terminals, stacks etc)
  • CE certified 
  • Also available with an easily accessible Graphic User Interface with real time view of zones within a building


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring time lapse video showing a Midlands Primary School classroom with manually operated windows and no control of IAQ. 



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